A Heartfelt Romantic Comedy

Whatever Happened to Everything

This sweet holiday happily-ever-after is a quick, witty read full of winter fun and bantering romance.

Emmie Andrews is a successful corporate convention planner, whose dream is doing elaborate, fun weddings – but it’s just too risky to leave her solid career. While home for the holidays in North Haven, Vermont, Emmie’s asked to plan a surprise proposal party for her childhood best friend. Emmie’s bursting with splashy, romantic ideas (a Christmas tree covered in wedding bells? a gingerbread house with the engagement ring inside?). The catch: she has to work alongside the groom-to-be’s friend – bookish Archer Mendez, who believes low-key, spontaneous moments are more special than Emmie’s elaborate plans. This just got more difficult.

A feel-good festive romcom featuring an extroverted event coordinator and a wry novelist who must work together arranging a surprise pop-the-question Christmas Eve party for their best friends.